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Municipal Finance Management Programme


The MFMP is designed around requirements of the competency regulations as stipulated in the Government Gazette. A learning programme approach has been adopted in the development and design of the MFMP in order to ensure that participants are able to learn and apply skills acquired and to accumulate credits towards full certification for the qualifications. The MFMP is made up of 6 Learning Programmes with the Unit Standards prescribed for the MFMP at NQF Level 6 and at NQF Level 5.T

The learner can fulfil Learning Programmes in part or in whole. This allows a learner to either register for the whole learning programme at once, or a set of modules within a learning programme progressively until all requirements have been met. In such a case, a learner will effectively exit with a certificate endorsed by the LGSETA after completing each individual learning programme.
SUMMAT Training Institute is accredited by the LGSETA and registered by the National Treasury as a Training Provider to train the MFMP programme.

Interns are specifically encouraged to undertake structured learning by using the Learning Programmes to assist them in future career development. This should ideally be supported by their Work Rotation Plans, focusing on the Budget and Treasury Office activities.
We have qualified and experienced lecturing staff, assessors and moderators who are themselves fully accredited to offer this qualification in different unit standards. We also have a team of experts who review our materials received from the National Treasury so as to be updated with the changing requirements.

Learning Outcomes:

The specific outcomes of the programme is linked to the required Unit Standards:

  • Learning Programme 3- 119334: Discuss the selected legislative regulatory framework governing the public sector management and administration environment
  • Learning Programme 3- 116361: Interpret South African legislation and policy affecting municipal financial management
  • Learning Programme 3- 116344: Apply the Inter-governmental Fiscal Act to municipal management
  • Learning Programme 3- 116348: Conduct stakeholder consultation around municipal finance programmes
  • Learning Programme 3- 116343: Apply the principles of ethics in a municipal environment
  • Learning Programme 1- 116345: Apply the principles of budgeting within a municipality.
  • Learning Programme 1- 116364: Plan a municipal budgeting and reporting cycle.
  • Learning Programme 1- 116363: Prepare and analyse municipal financial reports.
  • Learning Programme 1- 116358: Contribute to the strategic planning process in a South African Municipality.
  • Learning Programme 1- 116347: Contribute to capital planning and financing.
  • Learning Programme 1- 116340: Apply costing principles to municipal operational and service-based costing.
  • Learning Programme 4- 119331: Conduct working capital management activities in accordance with sound financial management policy.
  • Learning Programme 4- 119341: Apply cost management information systems in the preparation of management reports.
  • Learning Programme 4- 116360: Manage information technology resources in a municipal finance environment
  • Learning Programme 4- 119343: Apply operations research principles and tools in the management of project activities and resources.
  • Learning Programme 5- 119352: Apply principles of information systems to public finance and administration.
  • Learning Programme 5- 119351: Apply principles of computerised systems to manage data and reports relevant to the public sector administration
  • Learning Programme 5- 119351: Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management
  • Learning Programme 5- 116343: Plan and implement public-private partnerships for municipal service delivery
  • Learning Programme 6- 116346: Apply techniques and South African statutes to cash and investment management in a municipality environment.
  • Learning Programme 6-116362: Manage a municipality's assets and liabilities.
  • Learning Programme 2- 116339: Apply risk management in South African Municipalities.
  • Learning Programme 2- 116357: Design of internal control and internal control evaluations framework in a municipal environment.
  • Learning Programme 2- 116351: Conduct audit planning and implementation in a South African Municipality.
  • Learning Programme 2- 119348: Apply selected GRAP (Generally Recognised Accounting Practice) to the periodic accounting reporting process.
  • Learning Programme 2- 119350: Apply accounting principles and procedures in the preparation of reports and decision making.

Course Content:

The programme consist of six learning programmes:

  • Learning Programme 1: Strategic Management, Budgeting Implementation and Performance Management
  • Learning Programme 2: Municipal Accounting and Risk Management
  • Learning Programme 3: Governance and Legislation
  • Learning Programme 4: Cost and Capital Planning
  • Learning Programme 5: Municipal IT Support and Project Management
  • Learning Programme 6: Supply Chain Management and Public Private Partnerships

Entry Requirements:

Relevant work experience

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