Strategic Planning

This course is accredited by the Local Government Seta and covers unit standards 116358 at NQF level 6 worth 15 credits.

BenefitsThis programme is part of the National Treasury Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP) designed to help meet the Minimum Competency Regulations for Municipal Managers, CFOs, CEOs, Senior Managers, Heads of Supply Chain Management and Middle Managers.

This is a comprehensive course aimed at providing the skills and knowledge for the process of strategic planning in a South African municipality.

3 Day Skills Programme

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Learning Outcomes

Formulate vision and mission statements in a South African municipality as required by the local government legislative framework.
Conduct a stakeholder analysis and develop a framework for community participation process.
Identify key performance areas applicable to institutional strategies as required by the local government legislative framework.
Formulate institutional strategies.
Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative framework for integrated development planning and apply requirements of legislation.
Formulate programmes and develop methods for monitoring the implementation of a strategic plan and related programmes.

Programme Content

Identification of various role-players required in the formulation of the municipals vision and mission statements.
Evaluation of different municipal mission statements in the context of the actual service delivery programmes and the macro environment.
The stakeholder analysis and development of a framework for a community participation process.
Evaluation of key performance indicators in terms of institutional arrangements.
Evaluation of the economic, social and environmental factors of a municipality when weighing alternative strategies.

What Participants Get

Participants are given 30 days to complete a Portfolio of Evidence for assessment. Successul participants receive a certificate of competence endorsed by the LGSETA.


Each participant receives a workshop manual that serves as both an in-class activity book and a reference guide that can be used after the workshop to revise the concepts covered.

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