Report Writing

This course is accredited by the Local Government Seta and covers unit standards 12153 at NQF level 4 worth 5 credits.


Learn the process of writing texts and reports required in the modern business environment.
Create clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and improve the quality of written reports and other forms of text that require a particular format and may include specified legislated requirements.
Recognise and effectively use textual conventions and features specific to business text.

3 Day Skills Programme

See the Course Schedule.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use textual features and conventions specific to texts for effective writing.
  • Identify and collect information needed to write a text specific to a particular function.
  • Compose a text using plain language for a specific function
  • Organise and structure a text appropriately for a business function.
  • Present a written text for a particular function in a business environment.

What Participants Get

Participants are given 30 days to complete a Portfolio of Evidence for assessment. Successul participants receive a certificate of competence endorsed by the LGSETA.


Each participant receives a workshop manual that serves as both an in-class activity book and a reference guide that can be used after the workshop to revise the concepts covered. This another highly interactive programme that makes use of audio-visual elements to enhance the learning process.

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